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K9 Training


We offer a free assessment where you and your canine will be observed. We will listen to your problems and concerns and recommend the best training method for you and your canine to be successful.

These sessions are 1 hour in length and allow for you and your canine to be in your home environment. In this setting, we are able to address any behavioral issues you may be experiencing one on one. It also reduces any distraction that may occur with larger groups in the early stages of training.

This is an extension of the private lessons that allows the owner and canine to experience other owners and canines. You can learn by watching others during the training and it allows for socialization of your canine which is very important to their success.

This training allows your canine to become neutral to common things he/she will encounter on daily walks in the neighborhood or park. They will be neutral to vehicle traffic, bikes, children at play, large groups of people, and many other common social experiences which will lead to a confident and balanced canine.

This is designed to take away that unwanted aggression that is being displayed by your canine when he/she comes into contact with other canines or humans. The techniques learned will allow your canine to be well balanced, neutral, and social.

Designed to shape and promote desired behavior and eliminate unwanted behaviors such as digging, nipping, jumping up on guest, dominance, or possessiveness.

This training is designed to enhance the drives and instincts that are present in your canine to perform this type of work. At the completion of this training you will have a social, confident, and courageous canine willing to protect you at all cost.

This training shows the correct implementation of the remote collar and the Do's and Don'ts as it relates to its proper usage. It can be a great tool in the development of your canines obedience.

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