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K9 Training


I have worked with various canine breeds over the last eleven years. I've attended multiple seminars on canine psychology, Aggression, Behavioral modification, and schools for professional decoying. Working with canines has always been a passion for me. I enjoy sharing the information I've learned over the years to allow owners to fully understand their canines, so the life they live together will be enjoyed by both.



We at Scorpion K9, LLC strive to provide a safe and relaxed environment for the learning process of canine and owner. While improving the quality of life for all canines and the owners who love them by utilizing a systematic approach. Scorpion K9, LLC is committed to providing the highest quality of service and professionalism possible. We are determined to give our clients the most recent, accurate, and reliable information as it pertains to training techniques, which allows our training to come full circle.

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